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Extended Learning Program (ELP)

ELP is the acronym for Extended Learning Program. In Salt Lake City School District, we believe that students possess a continuum of academic talents and potentials that necessitate our providing a continuum of services in curriculum and instruction. The ELP program seeks to serve those students at the high end of the range who possess unique gifts and abilities to succeed in an academic setting. West High School provides magnet ELP services to 7th and 8th grade students. Those who are identified receive specific curriculum and instruction that includes both increasing a student's access to knowledge through increasing depth and complexity, as well as acceleration when appropriate. Our task is to create opportunities for all students to learn something new every day.

Affectionately known as ELPers, these 7th and 8th grade students take core courses with their grade level peers, but also mingle with high school age youth in developmentally appropriate elective classes, and are an important part of the West High School history and culture. Our program is designed to support students through this developmental stage while challenging their minds to learn and grow. We invite and encourage you to find out if ELP is the program for you.

When should I consider Extended Learning?

If your child...

  • displays advanced thinking skills.
  • demonstrates knowledge of many different things.     
  • quickly sees why things happen and what causes them to happen.
  • understands new ideas or subjects with little effort.
  • shows a great deal of curiosity.
  • sees and creates patterns in areas such as speech, art, music, numbers and nature.
  • continues to work on a project regardless of time or space limitations.
  • obsesses in an interest area.
  • insists on perfection.
  • recognizes the humor in different situations.
  • makes connections.
  • perceives and observes beyond his/her years.
  • approaches ideas and problems from a number of perspectives.