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The mission of the West High School Counseling Center is to provide a comprehensive, developmental counseling program addressing the academic, career, and social/emotional development of all students. West counselors strive to empower students to maximize their potential and academic achievement. In partnership with other educators, parents, and community members, West counselors support the educational system to ensure all students in the Salt Lake City School District are prepared with the knowledge and skills needed to function in a changing society.



Responsible for last names:

Josie Wankier


Lisa Madsen

C–D: 9–10; ALL 7–8

Greg Steed


Duane Bourdeaux


Greg Forbush


Alicia Kelly

N–Q; C–D: 11–12

Aaron Leeflang


Ami Burton


January/February 2021 

The time is upon us. You (or your student) will shortly be asked to pre-register for your classes for the next academic year. Please take the time to thoughtfully and carefully consider your choices. As you move through this process keep the following things in mind. 

Follow all instructions carefully. We have documents and videos we’ll be sharing with you. Most of the entry work will be on you. Be careful and accurate since the quality of your schedule in the fall will depend largely on your level of engagement. Changes will be difficult to come by in August. 

Consider your grade level and graduation requirements. You can review your transcript, consult PowerSchool, or make an appointment in person or virtually to meet with your guidance counselor. 

Think about your future goals. Chose classes that will help you prepare for college. Chose classes that will take you further down the career pathway you are interested in. It may well be that you will be working to support yourself during your training. Students who finish high school with saleable skills will likely be able to earn more, allowing them to spend more time focusing on studies and further skills development. 

Challenge yourself. Consider taking an Honors, AP, or IB class in whatever subject(s) you really love . The more effort and commitment you are willing to make, the more you will leave high school well prepared for challenges you cannot even anticipate now. 

Chose worthwhile alternatives. All students will need to list several back-up or alternative choices. Focus on things that will help you reach your goals. If you’re unsure about your plans chose alternatives that sound interesting to you. Try something new! 

Make the most of your time at West. For the majority of students, free public education ends at graduation. Take a full schedule of courses that will help you live a more educated, informed, and enriched life as a young adult. It is important to know what you don’t know! 


December 2020 Counselor Blurb:


Whether you plan on applying for a technical school, two or four year college or university, know that scholarships are available. There are four basic requirements for scholarships: 1.) merit (grades and test scores), 2.) leadership skills, 3.) volunteering experience and 4.) talents, interests or participation in sports/athletics.

Here are a few suggestions for you to consider at each stage of your high school experience. As a 9th or 10th grader join a club in an area you feel passionate about. Look for service opportunities at school and in your community. Document all the service that you do. Start looking at some of the scholarship search engines for possible scholarships. There are awards or scholarships that are available for students as early as 9th grade. In 11th and 12th grade, continue making your school and community better through volunteering and serving in leadership roles. In 12th grade look at the financial aid and scholarship information for the schools you are applying to. Particularly look for college-specific and departmental scholarships. Some colleges have merit scholarships if you apply by the priority date - be aware of those.

As a quick review:

  • Read the eligibility requirements. If you don’t fit the requirements don’t apply. Follow the directions to the letter and pay close attention to deadlines.
  • Research local scholarships at
  • Seniors- apply for West High School specific scholarships like West High Alumni Scholarship /West High Scholarship.
  • Identify at least six traits or interests that apply specifically to you. Be thorough and creative. Think about your heritage, challenges you’ve overcome, and your job or career goals. Also, research opportunities offered by businesses or brands that you frequent.
  • Use search engine and type in “scholarships for people who” and fill in the blank with your identified traits/interests.
  • Never give out personal information that could specifically identify you (i.e. address, social security number, phone number). If they ask for these, it is a huge red flag for fraud.
  • Also don’t pay for any services that claim they will help you get a scholarship, and make sure that any site you access is secure (https vs http).

To access scholarships through West, please reach out to Delilah Martis ( or click on this link:


November 2020 Counselor Blurb:

We have not seen your smiling faces in person for some time now and we miss you!

Some of the counselors are very tech savvy and adept at all manner of social media. Those that know are trying to tutor those who don’t. We do look forward to having an individual meeting with each student this year.

The counselors are working to get Canvas classes in place for each grade level with useful and timely information that will assist you with your planning for future years at West High and for the plans you have after high school. When you receive an invitation to join your counselor’s Canvas course please respond.

If you are senior who has not yet reviewed your graduation status yet please email your counselor to set up a time. Most counselors are also scheduling appointments through Bookings and you can find a link in the signature portion of their email. If you crave the novelty of speaking with a real person you can call our secretary, Diane Jergensen at 801.578.8500 extension 3640. She is available most school days during normal school hours. It is likely your counselor has a preferred way for you to make an appointment. Contact them if you feel the need.

Assisted Studies has started. If you need to do packet work in order to catch up on your credit, email mail your counselor for registration assistance.

And as we move through November remember this:

“The gifts we treasure most over the years are often small and simple. In easy times and in tough times what seems to matter most is the way we show those nearest us that we’ve been listening to their needs, to their joys, and to their challenges.”
The World According to Mr. Rogers: Important Things to Remember (pg. 61)

News and Announcements

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Looking for information regarding West High's ELP or IB program? Click on the link.

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The Suicide Prevention Resource Center has created a very robust list of resources for addressing questions related to the series, “13 Reasons Why”. I wanted to provide the forwarded e-mail to all of you. May is Mental Health Awareness month.

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