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West's National Merit Scholarship Finalists

West High School is proud to announce that 15 students have been selected as a National Merit Scholarship Finalist. These students have been selected about of 16,000 semifinalists named in September 2020 and have met all the requirements to advance to finalists standing in the competition. Students will be notified in March if they have been selected as scholarship recipients.   

Congratulation West High National Merit Scholarship Finalists: 
Rory T. Beals 
Santiago Ibarra
Sydney L. Koutrouba  
Christopher L. Li 
Timothy A. Liang 
Daphne Liu 
Liliane S. Morath 
Trevor S. Skeen 
Clara E. Tandar 
Dillon Tang 
Reese K. Whitlock  
Rachel E. Willick 
Sylvia Xi
Seung Jean Yoo 
Maria A. Zaitsev