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West Wins Panther Pride Tournament

With 19 schools, 16 events, 331 entries, and 167 judges, our first in-person HS tournament in many years is OVER!  Before I start with all of the accolades, I want to thank you, the staff and admin of West HS. 


West took 1st place of 19 schools! Next was Skyline and then Park City.

Our ELP Competitive Debate Team who showed up and acted as Amassadors and did so well with grace, style, and patience that several schools wanted to "steal" them LOL

Congress - Brylee Cruz breaking to Bloodbath and coming out 9th

Lincoln Douglas - Amrita Krishna (LD) Olivia Wu Melanie Van Hook breaking to Semis and tying with each other except for speaker points - 9th, 10th, and 11th
Policy - Ishan Sharma/Cleo Shaw and Seiji Aoki/Saathvik Pai Co-Champions, Nina Zhu/Angela Zhou breaking to Semis and placing 6th overall, Dan Jiang/Nate Shapiro placing 10th overall Public Forum - Ronak Agarwal/Emi Onda breaking to Finals and placing 3rd, Lydia May/Sharayu Senthilkumar breaking to Semis and placing 6th overall and allowing Ronak and Emi to "walk over" them.

Declamation - Diya Oommen for placing 4th DUO - Angela Zhou/Nina Zhu Champions and Andrea Delgado/Bala Tella 2nd place Impromptu - Sharayu Senthilkumar breaking and earning 12th with Brendon Young at 14th, and Lydia May 16th Informative - Megan Tandar broke Tabroom so until they fix it, she is Co-Champion without even showing up for Semi's or Finals LOL, but Penelope Miller broke to Semi's and place 9th overall for her first Open INF International Extemp - Cash Mendenhall for being Co-Champion with Semis Anda Xie placing 4th and Ronak Agarwal placing 12th LipSynch - Andrea Delgado/Melanie Van Hook for placing 5th National Extemp - Atticus Teter Champion with Amrita Krishna (LD) breaking to Finals and placing 5th News-Anchor - Cash Mendenhall/Atticus Teter placing 2nd and Lydia May/Sharayu Senthilkumar placing 4th Original Oratory - Diya Oommen breaking to Semi's and placing 9th even being sick SpAr - Brylee Cruz breaking to Finals and placing 8th overall Storytelling - Anda Xie Champion, Etiliana Fa 2nd, and Milo Shaw 4th