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West Debate Wins 6A State Championship

Take a moment to look over the photo at the left of 30 of the finest Panthers that competed the last two days for the 6A State Debate Championship!!! It was a nice dominant showing against the entire contingent of 6A schools with us making a sweep in both Debate and Speech.  Our team scored 125 points and the second place team scored 66!  It was a great win for staying online and staying safe.  Many coaches thought that the Pandemic hurt their year, and it probably did, but our West members showed them how to triumph over that adversity as the only team in the entire State that has still not practiced nor met in person in over a year.  Even our celebration was done in Zoom tonight as you can see by the picture below. We are the proof of the power of Zoom!

West Debate 6A Championship Zoom Call

Head Coach, Susan M Raymond, was also voted as the 6A Debate Coach of the Year!  Our team is also successful because of the hard work of Assistant Jason Daniels, our Admin team, the alumni that come back to help, and the parents that support us by spending countless hours judging, for free, for our tournaments.

Here are the top half individual results in each event as well:

Foreign Extemp with 25 entries:

     1st Place - Cash Mendenhall

     4th Place - Alicia Du

Impromptu with 39 entries:

     15th Place - Megan Tandar

Lincoln Douglas with 33 entries:

     3rd Place - Amrita Krishna

National Extemp with 25 entries:

     3rd Place - Adelaide Parker

Original Oratory with 37 entries:

     5th Place - Audrey Young

     7th Place - Diya Oommen

     8th Place - Priyasna Sharma

Policy with 17 entries:

     1st Place - Taisei Summerhays & Ethan Wall

     3rd Place - Sterling Peterson & Ishan Sharma

     4th Place - Seiji Aoki & Saathvik Pai

     5th Place - Madeline Galian & Hanna Rice

Public Forum with 23 entries:

     1st Place Co-Champion - Daphne Liu & Noa Taussky

     1st Place Co-Champion - Ronak Agarwal & Brendon Young

     2nd Place - Marianne Liu & Cleo Mussett Shaw

     4th Place - Lydia May & Sharayu Senthilkumar

Congress with 31 entries:

     6th Place - Anika Rao

     7th Place - Olivia Hoffmann

     8th Place - Tanya Yu