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Theater Has Strong Finish at Region

Theater students standing on stage wearing masks

This past week we had the region theatre one-acts, and individual events competition.  West brought 22 pieces in total. 

The follow students earned recognition for their work:

Overall 3rd place: One-Act of Antigone, cast of 16 actors and 6 technicians

Overall 3rd place: Dramatic Monologue: Kellen Hunnicutt with "Our Town"

Overall 2nd Place: Musical Theatre: Ceria Marie Bartholomew with The Last Five Years

Overall 3rd place: Costume Design: Ari Page for Dracula

The following students advanced to state:

Traiton Fox with Cyrano Debergerac

Ariel Flores with Clear Glass Marbles

Kellen Hunnicutt with Our Town

Vivian Stewart with Melancholy Play

Erick Andrade Castro with his original pantomime, Supermarket Line

Elizabeth Harges with Lucky Stiff

Celia Marie Bartholomew with The Last Five Years

Ari Page in Costume Design for Dracula

One Act cast and crew: Antigone