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Angela Zhou Wins 1st in State Reflections Contest

February 21st, 2024 Update: Four students who advanced to state, ultimately received state-level honors! 

Angela Zhou, 11th grade, 1st place in 2D visual arts

Xinqi Wang 8th grade, 2nd place in 2D visual arts

Agatha Hunnicutt, 9th grade, 2nd place in 3D visual arts

Eli Wheeler, 8th grade, Honorable Mention in photography

As a 1st place winner, Angela's painting will move on to compete nationally.


Six West High students won at the Region level of the Reflections contest and are moving on to compete at the State level!          

Painting of an adult holding a child

Xinqi Wang in 2D Art (8th grade)




Painting of a woman

Angela Zhou (11th grade)





A doll made of crochet

Agatha Hunnicutt- 3D Art (9th grade)

3D Art

Ina Delfin- 3D Art (8th grade)





Panoromic Photo of a desert sunset

Eli Wheeler- Photography (8th grade)​​​




Ethan Kamosi- Music (8th grade)