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AP/IB Exam Schedule

Students should arrive at their exam room at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the exam to get checked in. All morning exams start at 8am and students should be here by 7:45am. The afternoon exams do not all start at the same time due to space & how long our morning exams run. This will be shared with students today as well and printed copies available in the Guidance Center. Please encourage your students to print this and highlight their exam locations & times. Please remind students of the following expectations:

  • Arrive 15 minutes prior to exam start to check in
  • All students must have a photo ID (print off of their PowerSchool photo works if their name is included)
  • NO cell phones and other electronics that connect to the internet and/or make sound. Leave it at home or in your locker. If students have their phones with them at check in, they will be asked to turn it off and leave it with the proctor. We'll have a way to label phones. Students cannot access their phones or any other technology at any time during the exam - even their breaks.
  • They can bring a snack with them to eat on the break.
  • They cannot access their backpacks at any time during the exam - including the breaks
  • Students with extended time will get a separate email with information on where to report for their exam.

AP Calculators Approved 

AP IB Exam List