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300 North Pedestrian Bridge Construction Update

Construction Update

The bridge has been placed!

Although the bridge has been raised, it remains closed to the public. Work continues on and around the bridge. For your safety, stay away from the bridge and keep clear of the construction zone. Cross the railroad tracks on the north side of the project.

Street parking is once again available to the west of the construction zone.

Steel work continues on the supporting steel beams, stairs and landings. Concrete work is also taking place tomorrow on the supporting steel abutments.

Placement of steel and concrete on the bridge deck will continue for the next several weeks.

Those walking and bicycling are able to travel along 300 North at 500 West, but only on the north side of the road. For your safety, please do not use the sidewalk on the south side of 300 North in the construction zone. Use caution as you approach and cross the railroad tracks on the north side of 300 North.



Project Schedule and Impacts

Start Construction: October 2021 End Construction: Summer 2023

Crews will be working Monday through Friday, from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Occasional night and weekend work may be required.

300 North will be closed to vehicular traffic from 490 West to 500 West for the duration of the project. Eastbound vehicles on 300 North will not be able to turn left or right onto 500 West and will need to access 500 West from either 400 North or 200 North. North Temple should be used as an east/west detour. During construction, people walking and bicycling will be able to travel along 300 North, but only on the north side of the road. Parking will be restricted along the south side of the intersection. Dust, noise and vibrations will occur during working hours but will be especially impactful during the brief time period when vertical columns are driven into the ground.

Schedules are subject to change due to unforeseen conditions, weather conditions and material availability.




Contact Us


To express comments, concerns, or to receive weekly construction updates, please email us at or contact us by phone at 801-616-2743. Information is also available at



Project History

The Utah Transit Authority, in partnership with Salt Lake City Transportation, Engineering and Facilities Divisions will begin construction on a new bridge for walking and bicycling along the south side of 300 North at approximately 500 West. The bridge will span 500 West, in addition to three Union Pacific Railroad and two UTA FrontRunner tracks.

It will provide a more efficient alternative for people walking and bicycling, who often experience lengthy wait times while freight trains pass, stop, and back up due to the railroad yard to the north. Construction is expected to be completed in the summer of 2023.