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10th Grade IB CCR Resources

Once interested students have applied and been accepted into West's IB program, they will go through three steps in order to enroll in program courses:


Step One: Sophomores attended an IB Options Meeting on October 19 where they reviewed program requirements and course options.  Students initiated a draft of their IB Plan.  Students who were unable to attend will download a copy of the Draft IB Plan Document to complete.  Use this PowerPoint to guide you through a selection of the IB courses you will take to design your IB Plan for Junior and Senior year. (please note: audio recording is provided on each slide if you view the slides in presentation mode).

Step Two: All sophomores planning to participate in either the IB Diploma Program or the IB Career-Related Program will complete a one-on-one IB CCR meeting with Ms. Hanseen, a former West counselor who has worked with IB students for many years. During this meeting students will use their Draft IB Plan to complete their final IB Plan Document. Parent attendance and participation in the CCR is important in ensuring their understanding what their student will be working towards and the curricular requirements of IB.  Please review the resources below prior to meeting with Ms. Hanseen.

Step Three: The IB Coordinator, Ms. Nick, will review and approve all IB Plans.  She will meet with each Sophomore for a final opportunity to ask questions prior to course registration.  Students will then use their approved IB Plan documents to register for all Junior year courses.  The IB Plan will be kept by Ms. Nick and available for reference prior to Senior year registration. 

A student may earn a West High School Honors Diploma by satisfying all of the following requirements:

  • 3.5 or higher cumulative GPA
  • Average four (4) IB, AP, Concurrent Enrollment, or honors credits each year.
  • The total number of IB, AP, Concurrent Enrollment, or honors credits will be at least sixteen (16) for the four years of high school
  • Of the 16 credits, the student must complete a minimum of three AP, IB, or Concurrent Enrollment credits while at West High
  • Must take at least two (2) years of a World Language in grades 9-12. World Language classes at level three or above with count as honors credit.

IB English course options

IB Math course options

10th grade IB CCR pre-registration information

Please review this recording prior to scheduling your 1:1 10th grade IB CCR.