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Letter to Parents about bats in the school

Dear Parents,

As this week comes to an end, I wanted to thank you for your support as we dealt with the bats that entered the school as they migrated through Salt Lake City. On Wednesday, we closed the school at 3 p.m. and removed the bats from the building. A large crew of district and school custodians worked late into the night on Wednesday and again very early on Thursday morning to complete a detailed inspection of the interior and exterior of the school. They closed any open windows and sealed cracks and crevices to prevent bats from entering the school again.

On Wednesday and Thursday, staff from the Salt Lake County Health Department were at West to identify students who may have been in contact with any of the bats. Procedures to protect students are being followed according to school district and public health guidelines. If it is determined that your student was exposed to any bats, health department staff will contact you with further recommendations.

Please speak with your student(s) about this incident. If you are concerned that they may have touched or otherwise come into contact with a bat, please contact your family physician, or call the Salt Lake County Health Department at (385) 468-4222.

At West High School we are committed to providing a safe environment for our children. The safety of your students is our top priority, and we appreciate your understanding and patience as we worked to resolve this issue.

Ford White

Parent-Teacher Conferences

PTC's are on September 28 from 4 pm to 8 pm in the Ray Hale Fieldhouse

Here are a few hints to help you have a better evening.
· Print out your student’s mid-term report before coming to school. Plan ahead which teachers you really need to talk to and visit them first.
· Teachers will be seated around the Fieldhouse in alphabetical order so they are easy for you to find.
· Some teachers have very long lines. Please be patient as you wait.
· Please remember that the teachers have many parents to visit with in one evening. Make your questions and comments quick and to the point. Try to limit your conversations to 3 minutes.
· If you need more time, please schedule an appointment either over the phone or in person. All of the teachers are happy to meet with you.

Early Release

West High School took a very proactive stance today to ensure the safety of our students, faculty, and staff by closing the doors and sending people home at 3pm so that the District and Health Officials can locate where the migratory bats are entering the building and help them on their way. By 6am an announcement will be made as to the school schedule for Thursday. Options will include: school will be in session with normal hours, late-start Monday's schedule will be in effect with school starting at 9:30am, or school will be cancelled.

Volleyball Coach

Congratulations are in order for our head Volleyball coach, Kim Norman, on being named by the Utah Volleyball Coaches Association as Coach of the Week!

FBLA Advisor Honored

Susan M Raymond, Future Business Leaders of America Adviser at West, was honored at the recent FBLA State Leadership Conference. Ms Susan was chosen to present to all of the attendees on the subject of Competitive Events. Congratulations!

Volleyball Player in the Deseret News

Sophomore Bubs Leakehe leads West volleyball with renewed commitment to self, school and community - click here to see the entire article:


Utah Opera Presentation

Michael Lunn (former debate and A'cappella member) spoke in front of thousands at Abravanel Hall to advocate for music at the Utah Opera in Schools gala performance, featuring the world- renowned soprano soloist, Renee Fleming. West High faces who visited our choir classroom last year to hear the Opera resident artists were featured all over the promotional video as well! Enrique Arce-Larreta, Hilary Carrier, and Melinda Benson also made it to the big screen for supporting Utah Opera in Schools that day. A short clip of Melinda's interview was included, so she was relieved it that they took her BETTER moment of communication. Michael presented with poise and class. As Melinda sat with his family, she experienced a heart-warming moment to experience a piece of student success and the beauty of what music and teaching brings.

New Magnet Link

Our updated academic calendar magnet with dates of Parent Teacher Conferences, Midterms, Late Starts, etc. have just been ordered. Mele has been very instrumental in taking care of the academic calendar for this year. Our magnets should arrive in 2-3 weeks. I hope this link will clear up any confusion. Follow the link below for a sneak peek.


Our calendar Red and Black days had to be adjusted. The online calendar is updated and should be the one you refer to (found on the Calendar section of this website). We will send new calendar magnets out to you shortly.

Late Starts

Late-Start Monday will begin on Monday, August 28th. Students report at 9:24 with the first class starting at 9:30. A copy of the schedule can be found on the calendar page and in the weekly calendar at the top left.

Credit Recovery

Credit Recovery will begin on Monday, September 11th with the first orientation on Thursday, September 7th. Counselors already have all of the forms and should be ready to help sign students up.


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